Add organization flag to .war

Dear All,

Quick question again. Where do I send the request to have our Organization Flag added to the dhis2.war file?

Thank you.


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Hello @WaluQ,

You can archive this through system settings under appearance to update custom logo on the login page and menu bar.

Thanks for commenting @chingalo, the question was on adding the image to the .war file so that its available as an option even on new installation. This was resolved. Thanks.


@WaluQ could you help me with some steps on how to do it?

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We had to contact our DHIS2 country rep/liaison, who added our Organization flag to the commit.

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Thanks @WaluQ!

If you believe that the list is missing a flag, you could also create a feature request here: Projects - Jira


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Hi Josep,

I have added the custom log but not able to see it.

Could you please help me in adding custom logo

Thanks @EsayasT! Please see Adding custom logo to DHIS2 Instance

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