25 Sept - 13:00 - What's next for DHIS2? Q&A

Hi @Mbevi, I think it is a valid point. I would always consider though the reason for (you obviously mention research/scientific questions) and if it is realistic to do so case by case.
In a previous role we had a magnitude of several thousand fields / week in aggregates to be filled out by one encoder. We explicitly decided against zero reporting for workload reasons. I guess I would try to be differentiated and consider it in cases where for example research/scientific analysis is not only possible but very probable.

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Thanks Rebecca - which of these specifically is the data quality manual referenced in the presentation? The last one?

Hi @Mbevi ,

I think we fill the start Date and Close Date of the Organisation Unit for that facility; if that facility upgraded, it must be close and create the new one (open and empty of end date)

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