Youth and adult -age dissagregation

Hello guys,
So I have a Monitoring training activity and it captures the Trainees name, ID number , and Date of birth/AGE . Can DHIS2 give me a report of those trainees who are 35 years and below as youth and those above 35 years as Adult? If yes, How can i build that kind of report

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Hi @Eris_Vinn,

I think it will help more if I share with you videos that explain this, but briefly give yo an idea first:

To start with you’d be using a Tracker program for this which will allow you to enroll each trainee as a Tracked Entity Instance with attributes (ID, name, DOB…etc). You can create program rules to fill in additional info. For example, age can be calculated from DOB using a program rule (see video below). Similarily, it is possible to create two program rules: 1) assign attribute Youth if age below 35 years 2) assign attribute Youth if age above 35 years.

After that you’d use the Event Reports app for example (or any of the DHIS2 analysis apps) to create a report.

  1. Video (time at URL) program rule example for age calculated using DOB value (which can be used in the same way to automatically decided whether the trainee is Youth or Adult) Tracker Configuration Academy 2022 Day 7 Part 1 - YouTube – example is in the first 2 minutes
  1. Video (time at URL) with the step by step instructions on creating the program rule (do the same for Youth & change the expression to be d2:hasValue([replace here with attribute age]) <= 35 and make the action to assign the attribute for Youth/Adult as ‘Youth’ … (same steps for Adult) Tracker Configuration Academy 2022 Day 7 Part 2 - YouTube
  2. Here’s a video (time at URL) from an academy session where you can learn more about the Event reports app and how you’d be able to create the reports for your programs. (BTW, you can always use OR & open already saved reports from the apps to see examples :slightly_smiling_face:) Tracker Use Africa Academy Day 3 Part 2 - YouTube

Finally, please post back to the community with updates and if you have any questions!

Hope this helps! Thanks!