Wrong categoryoptioncombo used in section dataset

struggling with some strange cateogorycombo behaviour section datasets.

Sections in datasets using two different categorycombos appear to be working as they should, with correct column headers in the right order. However, looking at the “info window” in the top right, I noticed that the data element fields are actually placed in the wrong columns. I also confirmed in the datavalue table that the values do indeed end up in a different option than the column they are in. I THINK there are only two categorycombos affected, and that they have a common age category - so I suspect category might be causing the problem.

Any ideas what the problem could be, and how it can be solved? My only idea is that there could be something with the sort order somehow, could that be the problem?

Instead of the right order of

Male (<5) Female (<5) Male(>5) Female (>5)

the order is in fact

*Female (>5) Male(>5) Female (<5) Male (<5) *

We’ve stopped using one of the category combos, but I’d prefer not having to remake the one that’s left with all the extra work that entails. This appears to have been going on since January, either due to an update from 2.3 to 2.6, or to changes in metadata around the same time.