Will 'deprecated' API endpoints (<2.35) remain/be removed?

Dear CoP Team - a question. We are working with an international charity to create a MEAL system; it was built on version 2.34, with API-PowerBi connection established using endpoints that are now marked ‘deprecated (since version 2.36).’

This year we’ve upgraded to 2.37, and with a minor hiccup, connection has returned (We couldn’t get enrolments and the relationships between events and trackedentity; but remembered we could use the ‘Field=*’ parameters to get all the related columns to Event’s API). Whew.

Will the ‘deprecated’ endpoints be removed or further changed down the road / and when?

This will help us to plan for updating the endpoints this year or later on. Thank you!

Hi @sara - which endpoints in particular are you referring to?

In general a deprecated api is set to be removed in a future version, so relying on it isn’t recommended.

Also, you can specify explicit fields within the events api so you shouldn’t need fields=* (which can create a heavy request) - what is the issue you were seeing with relationships exactly?


Thanks Austin;

endpoints :
– /api/events
– /api/trackedEntityInstances

explicit fields within the events api :

–Default fields returned by events API reduced after the last upgrade, hence the relationship issue. We need all the fields returned by field=*.

Also, is there a date planned for deprecating ‘DHIS core version 2.35’?
(what is average time they give (from announcement to deprecation) to allow the users to migrate to the latest version).

Thank you!

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Then maybe use paging here! :grin:

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Fields/columns were missing. We are using paging to get the full data.

@austin can you take a look at the previous message? Thanks again for your input.

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@sgaudon I’m not sure I understand? You should be able to specify exactly the fields you need / expect with ?fields=event,program,relationships(relationshipType,relationshipName,relationship,from,to) (if you share the expected output it should be trivial to craft the fields request)

Perhaps @Markus can answer more specific questions about these APIs or the new /api/tracker APIs which will replace them

We officially support 3 core DHIS2 versions at a time, so once 2.38 is released next month version 2.35 will no longer be officially supported and so will not be targeted for future bug fixes other than perhaps critical security issues. A version is typically “in support” for 18 months from the date it is first released. cc @phil


Sounds like we’d be smart to address the updates and leave the past commands behind. The timing comment is useful Austin; with thanks!

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