WHO Training app feature requests

Hi all,

I would like to know where we can post feature requests for the WHO training app or see a roadmap for that app.

HISP-SA has the following requests for the application which we are also willing to contribute to coding ourselves but would like to work on integrating anything we develop if that is useful to the community instead of maintaining a fork.

Required: Current Scope

  1. Make welcome page customizable e.g. change the intro to welcome to training on
  2. Increase the size of the window on the edges. Default to the current size but allow for resizing.
  3. Add a Pause button on video when running
  4. Support for deleting configurations
  5. Include default app list when working on sections
  6. Sync data store configs and documents repositories


  1. Fix Clone doesn’t work
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Hello Emarie,

Thanks for your post, please check Roadmap Process - DHIS2 on this page you can find an overview of the prioritization and development process and schedule for DHIS2 software

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Hi @Elmarie_Claasen the WHO training app is developed and maintained by EyeSeeTea. Ignacio Perez is the lead. I don’t see him on the CoP, so I’ll send you an email introducing you both.

I’d highly encourage you all to work together on the app instead of making a fork.

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thank you, @Scott and @Elmarie_Claasen .

The training app has a roadmap that is publicly available here in case you want to check it. A couple of them were already there but I have just added the functionalities that you mention in your message in the column of “Future (unfunded ideas)”. We are super happy to receive contributions if you have the capacity, so feel free to send your code if you have it. We are as well happy to go for a specific collaboration on this and develop it ourselves.

Shall we talk about it in a call?


Hi Ignacio,

Thanks for adding these to your roadmap. HISP-SA will be most happy to work with you for these features as these are ones that we would really like to see. I will reach out via email for us to have a chat.



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