Which version of DHIS2 should we implement

Dear fellow community members,

I am Sagun Dhakhwa from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am planning to implement DHIS2 for an area outside the health sector, to be specific to address a workflow in forest management. Which version of DHIS2 do you recommend me to use for long term support.

I have tried installing DHIIS2 v2.30 and v2.28. I found that both of them have some sort of bugs. I am very confused about which version is stable and is better.

I would appreciate any help, comment or suggestion.

What is your usecase?
What data do you want to capture?
Is it aggregated or you need to track individual cases over time?

Hi @sagun ,

I would recommend 2.336 which I have recently used to set up an NGO related database. I found it is better and stable.



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Hey @sagun,

We don’t recommend using versions older than 2.34.4. 2.35.3 should work even better. We have made many significant performance improvements, especially around Tracker, which are not present in the old versions. Additionally, 2.33 will be out of support once we release 2.36 ( planned for this week).


@Gintare Thanks for the information.

Can you please confirm which latest version is stable and reliable?



@MSP ,

2.35.3, 2.34.4 are both stable and reliable :slight_smile:


@sagun considering the reply from @Gintare , I suggest you should ignore 2.34.4 and go for 2.35.3. Even if 2.34.4 is stable and reliable, it is kind of outdated since 2.35.3 is the latest stable and reliable version.

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