Which share settings are used for program Section (enrollment form) on a tracker program?

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I would like to know which share settings are used in order to know who can edit a program section (a section in a enrollment form) for a tracker program. Should be the share settings of the program?

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The sharing settings for the enrollment in a program are determined when you set the sharing settings of the program as a whole and it’s possible to set different sharing settings for different program stages.

Sorry, I need to understand your question more. Are you trying to control access to different sections in the enrollment form? If so, I don’t think this is possible but it’s possible to change it for a program stage.


Related to this; is there a way to limit the ability to create an enrollment, but still giving access to 1+ stages within a tracker program? We have an activity with a concrete start/stop date for enrolling; after enrolling is complete, we don’t want for other users to be able to create new enrollments, but need them to be able to make new events within program stages within enrollments already registered.

If this is useful: We’re enumerating households (which is the TEI) and then other users are going back to enumerated households and reporting activites completed/monitoring their findings.

We are facing an issue where only superusers can edit a program section (a section in a enrollment form) of a tracker program. The user that tries to update the program receives this message “user not allowed to update a program section”. The user was the creator of the program and it belongs to a userGroup that has edit rights of the metadata…

Hi @Matthew_Boddie
Sorry for the late response!

It’s possible to use a program rule that would show error when a user attempts to create a new enrollment before and after a certain date.

Please feel free to post back to the community how it goes!


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So they have the Section authority?

Did you try to clear browser cache? Could you try to take a screenshot of the error that appears in the Network tab after trying to save the changes to the program configurations?

Thank you!

Hey, I can be able to share that as I am experiencing the same issue; I’m not able to update a program section I just created.

Error message; user not allowed to update object.

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

Hi @INyabuto,

Thank you! What is the dhis2 version of the instance you are using? I would like to see if we can reproduce this on play

I believe you’re not using a superuser as well?

Thank you!