When does new period opens for data entry


Do new data entry period open exactly at 00:00 server time?

I have a weekly dataset, and users in Iraq are complaining that they are not able to enter data in a week until 12 noon their time. The server data in About DHIS2 section displays only 3 hr difference between Iraq and the server time, so I am wondering why do they not see a new week until Monday noon.

Thank you

Hi Dipali,

I assume you are referring to the web-based aggregate data entry module. First you may want to check the timezone setting of your server. We recommend that it follows the country of the implementation, or UCT if it is a global system.

The other cause her could be the time setting on the local computer of the user. The data entry UI follows the time as set on the local computer, which is a source of error if the local computer is on another timezone than the server. It could also be that the time is simply wrong on the local computer.