What is the best solution for DHIS2 to upload an existing excel file into DHIS2 using API calls as a batch and not row by row API call?

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to upload an existing data into DHIS2. The available data is within an excel file, which I am doing an extension using Angular framework.
These are my steps in order for the data to be uploaded:

  1. Upload the excel file;
  2. Transform it into an array of data;
  3. Select the organization unit to get the instance ID required in order to execute the API call;
  4. Select the program and entity to get their instance IDs;
  5. Now the script will loop over the array of data, and will upload each row at a time.

So at the end, if we have 10 000 rows, we will have 10 000 API call request into DHIS2.

Is it possible to upload these data as whole file? Is there another solution at least for now?