Welcome to the DHIS2 Case-based Surveillance subcommunity!

UiO sees the need for an online community, where participants can discuss and share their experiences on working with CBS in DHIS2, outside of and in-between the workshops and academies.

From UiO’s side we also want to share new features and information on the work we are doing with CBS in the Oslo core team.

Key activities for the CBS subcommunity:

  • Share implementation experiences and lessons learned from countries
  • Share technical solutions across country implementations (DHIS 2 platform configurations, how was DHIS 2 “mapped” to surveillance activities in the country etc.)
  • Discuss DHIS 2 requirements and priorities
  • Share core use cases descriptions (e.g. per disease)
  • Share updates on software development and roadmap process for improving CBS capabilities in DHIS 2
  • Share updates on country status on DHIS 2 for CBS implementations
  • Develop shared training materials and plan trainings together - leverage the DHIS 2 academy program