Weekly period type problem

Hi, everyone.

We want to share a csv file with the data entry staff so that they can fill weekly data for 2022 period to be uploaded into the DHIS2, but we have verified one thing that we would like to a clear understanding. Let us look at WEEK 5-2022-01-31-2022-02-06 (llast week partially in Jan and partially in Feb). in this case, should they fill Jan or February data in the CSV file?

This does not happen only between Jan and February; they are other months where last week is partially in two months. How should we deal with this situation?

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Hi @dmbantu

Thank you for sharing your interesting question about weekly periods! It’s true that some weeks span more than one month, and in this case it is explained in the documentation how the analytics engine will handle it. “The analytics engine will attribute weekly data to the month which contains four days or more of the week.”(source)

For instance, from the weekly period you mentioned .... WEEK 5-2022-01-31-2022-02-06 there is only one day from January and six days from February so the analytics engine will attribute the weekly data entered to this period to February since it contains more days than January.

This depends on why weekly period reporting was selected in the first place compared to monthly reporting period. I believe this has to do with the type of analysis is expected but at least one important point to remember that in these cases the data will be attributed to the month that has more days in that weekly period.

To engage other community members and core team experts in the discussion, I recommend adding and explaining the use case in your topic post.

I hope this helps. Thanks!