Week of enrollment


Hope all is going well
Reference made to week of event
We want to retrieve enrollments from a specific week.
so we decided to create a data element “Week of event”
and I used the function weeks between
but weeks between (<enrollment date, and 2020-01-01)
this shall give the week of the year
this didnt work, and this will cause a problem when the year changes to the 2021.
so is there any function that i can use to have the week number in the data element no matter what year is it.


Hello H SDn,

Are you collecting data by date or weekly? If your period on data entry is set to month i am afraid you will not get the results you are looking for.Ensure the period is set to daily or weekly on the data entry forms.



Thanks for your reply @Stanley
what I meant is adding a data element in the tracker capture program that displays the week number for the form being registered.