Webapi Sending Bulks of Data Values with a completeDate as well


I’m searching for a way to send dataValues in bulk but that contain also a completeDate.

The example in the docs explicitly removes completeDate from the example :

We tried to send the completeDate in the dataValues but that didn’t work. (The upload was a success, but the records were not marked as complete in DHIS2)


Is it possible?


I don’t think it’s possible to register a dataset as complete using this endpoint; however, probably the correct endpoint is /api/completeDataSetRegistrations and as it’s described in the docs this “endpoint is functionally very similar to the dataValueSets endpoint, with support for bulk import of complete registrations.”

Please see the docs, Complete data set registrations

Hope this helps! Please feel free to post back to the community about the result and if you face any challenge.

Thank you!