Web-API based external data insert in DHIS2 by PHP and MySQL

Dear All,

Hope every one is doing fine. I have developed a small app for external data inserting/ sending to DHIS2 by PHP and MySQL.

Hope it will be helpful.

DHIS2 MiddleWare Apps Functionalities.docx (706 KB)

Source Code.zip (2.24 KB)


If you need more information please let me know.

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Julhas Sujan
Java Programmer
Management Science for Health(MSH)
USAID, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Cell: +8801989 442856
Skype: julhas08
Web: www.julhas.info

www.msh.org http://siapsprogram.org/wherewework/bangladesh/

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This is very Helpful to me! I am glad i came across this. How far have you gone with this though, may i continue with this project?


Hi @moses_mwale,

Sure, you can continue with this source code. If you need any clarification, don’t hesitate to let me know.

You can find more scripts from here to push and pull data from DHIS2: Linking DHIS2 to an external web portal using DHIS2 Web API – DHIS2 Web Portal


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