Was /api/system/tasks replaced with something else in 2.37+?

Is there a new API for monitoring tasks in 2.37+

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@chase.freeman thank you for your question! I tried to investigate this further and asked the developers for support. It seems the /system/tasks endpoint is valid but it needs the content header (.json or .xml)

It’s not clear from your question the reason you’re asking so if /system/tasks.json or /system/tasks.xml meet your expectations then great, if not please specify the reason for the question.

Thanks! :+1:

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This answered my question succesfully. The only reason I was asking the question is because I like to use the endpoints under tasks to watch for completion or failure of certain things.

If anything changed, it is that the previous default was JSON and did not require a format to be specified.

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That’s great! Thanks @chase.freeman for your question! All credit goes to @JanBernitt who answered my question why /system/tasks wasn’t working when requested. (: