Warning Message from Tomcat Log

Hi @dhis2-backend and @Gassim

I have questions related to this message during the start-up of the Tomcat.

*Warn … Velocity is a Java-based template …
.Velocity.Exception: IO Error rendering template ‘/dhis2-web-commons/security/login.vm’ or package …

What does the message mean?

Screenshot attached.

Hi I asked for support for your post, but it’d be helpful when you add DHIS2 instance version…etc and if this warning is affecting your instance in anyway. @Calle_Hedberg had complained about this issue too, and this has been mentioned here: Weekly dataset report generation problem

I tagged @viet for input. Thanks!

Hi @Gassim,
We are using 2.35.12.

Today we found an Error message like this file


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Can you send a screenshot of the login page when that error occurs ?
In the error logs, the message is " IO Error rendering template /dhis-web-common/security/login.vm". It seems that the server couldn’t open the file login.vm. Did you try redeploy the war file ? Could it be a server access permission issue ?

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