Vote for the Android App roadmap - We want to hear from you!

Dear DHIS2 Community,

As you know the last 8 months since the DHIS 2 Android App was released we have been in direct contact with you to make sure that the app works with your server and your configuration. It is an ongoing stabilisation process in which we have learnt a lot from your contributions and we are very grateful for that.

At this point, we can start thinking of the next steps of the app and we are repeating the survey and roadmap voting process that we did in 2017 when this adventure started.

We kinldy ask you to complete the form below. It requests some details about your projects and then lets you vote for the prioritisation. Please fill it one form per project… the more projects … the more votes in the roadmap! We will close the form after the Annual Conference.

DHIS 2 Mobile Community Survey - 2019

We really thank you for sharing this information that will help us reshape the priorities and roadmap of the App.

The Android team


Dear all,

many thanks for your contribution!

We had 37 submissions and we will carefully read and process all details from your projects.
Regarding the voting itself, you can already see the results in the picture below.

We have to combine that now with the complexity and technical aspects of each issue, but be sure that we received the message and will prioritize according to this list as much as possible!

Thank you again,

PS: we are closing the form today. Drop a message if you still want to participate and didn’t have time!