Vocational IT training

(Jens Johan Kaasbøll) #1

We are making a plan for building general ICT education at TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) institutions in African countries where the graduates also can be employed also in the health sector. There they are to become local support personnel who also knows ICT outside of DHIS2.
Does anyone have experience with such education or know someone who has such experience?

Best regards,
Jens Kaasbøll
University of Oslo

(Patrick Mbah Okwen) #2

In Cameroon, we have been implemneting an evidence project where we support TVET candidates with ICT tools to improve their attainment with focus on rural areas. Maybe we can talk further, it will be good to put these folks to meaningful work.

(Mamadou Tafsir DiALLO) #3

In Guinea we use ICT tools for FETP and DHIS 2 training. Maybe we can help.

(Curtis Mukumba) #4

Hi, am a new DHIS2 user in DRC working in Linkages project, I know somebody who has got a significant experience in ICT. If you will, contact me on +243 974 117 228