Visualization sharing

Hi All,

I have created a user with data visualization privileges, but when he clicks on the pivot table to view the data, he sees all the data element groups created in the DHIS 2. Is there any possibility that I restrict the use to see only some data element groups?


Would you please share what are the authorities in the role assigned to the user? Thank you! (:

HI @Gassim,

The name of the role I created is view data. I Ticked these apps for the role:

Browser cache cleaner app

Dashoboard app

Data visualizer app

Events reports app

Maps app

Pivot table app

I also created a user group with the same name as the role.


Okay, so what I understand is that the users are able to see all the Data Element groups, and have all the authorities to view them. However, you want specific users to view some DE groups and not all DE groups.

Please see the screenshots. In the first screenshot I go to the Maintenance app and then select the Data Element group from which I can see the list of DE groups. I clicked on the three vertical dots and chose “Sharing settings” from the menu.

After that you can restrict the public access and select the users or user groups that you want to be able to see the Data Element groups.

Hope this helps! (: Thanks!