Visualisation of Data Element of Value Type - Organisation Unit


We are now using the latest 2.25 DHIS version. The new feature “Data Element of value type organisation unit” proves to be extremely useful to us. We have a use-case where we want to record the geo-locations (villages) of each individual patient at the Heath Centre they attend. And this feature seems a right approach for us, to be used for this purpose where these locations will be part of the master organisation unit hierarchy and can be selected from the list shown for the data element.

We have configured a tracker type data element of value type ‘org unit’, assigned to a Program and stored some data. However, when we tried to visualise this data collected for that data element, through Event Reports and Event Visualiser app, it gives an error saying “No series items selected”. Also, since the value of the data element is a string (which is the UID of the org. unit), we are not clear as to how we could visualise this data element. Ideally, what we need is a COUNT of the number of times a geo-location (some org. unit) selected.

We also tried to use program indicators to form an expression that can give the desired result. But, that data element doesn’t even come up in the box, where we choose data elements and form expressions. Only number type data elements show up here.

Is there any other way we could use aggregation and visualisation for this new data element type?

Could you also please let us know the road map for the visualisation capabilities of this new data element.

Any help here would be appreciated.



Archana Chillala
Application Developer
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