'View Only' access to User Groups lets them 'Edit' as well.


I am from ThoughtWorks India, working for MSF (OCA). We are using the DHIS code on trunk locked at revision 21496. We have been working on Dashboards, their shareability and Synch to different DHIS instances. However, we have observed a couple of issues with that.

  1. When we share a dashboard with a user Group providing ‘View Only’ access, the users within that user group are also able to EDIT the dashboard and make all sorts of changes that can be done (even though Edit access is not given to them). And these changes are reflected immediately across all the users within that group. We also tested this with different roles giving minimum authorities. Yet, the same result. How do we fix this?

  2. We have two instances of DHIS. A dashboard is created and shared with a user Group in the first instance. When, metadata is exported and imported to the other DHIS instance, except the ‘admin’ user, no other user is able to get any dashboards. Would you suggest any solution to this?

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