Values are read as text in excel after downloading in DHIS2

Hello DHIS2 developers

How should this be resolved? When downloading aggregate data from DHIS2 on Excel, values are read as text. The problem only became apparent after we upgraded DHIS2 from version 2.32 to version 2.37 It was fine when we used 2.32

Hi @Shapr0019,

Would you please upload the xls file (with dummy data)? I import these files to and they work just fine. I will try to import your file and check on sheets as well as excel.

It’s also easy to change the value type from text to number, but I want to compare the difference between the xls data that I downloaded from play and worked to the ones that didn’t work for you.

Thank you!

@Shapr0019 ,

If the issue is that excel is showing the data in a single column rather than multiple columns, follow these instructions


@Gassim i think you got me wrong some how . The problem is not with Excel, but with DHIS2.
When we download as csv, the results are normal because all integers are read as number values.That is normal and expected.However, when we download as xls, the numbers are read as text.This adds extra work to converting text numbers to values.Is there a way to allow DHIS2 to download data in xls format and ready integers as numbers rather than text?

@rithvik no, thus not the issue. When do not want the processing of converting text to number in excel . We want DHIS2 to download data in xls format and able to ready number as number not to ready number as text