Value type: year of birth


Can we create a tracked entity attribute that takes only “year of birth” as a value.
To avoid having wrong values, where end users can choose the year from the calendar.

Hi @Sdn ,
Maybe you could consider to use a program rule to validate a normal integer value type? I guess that years between 1900-2022 would be a good guess? So, if the value is greater than 2022 or less than 1900, then a program rule could generate a message to the user that they should enter an appopriate year of birth?

The downside of this approach might be that you would need to update it I guess every year, but maybe there is some clever way to do this. :slight_smile:


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Many thanks Jason.
Actually, I missed the idea that there’s a value type “Age” where you can either add the date of birth and age gets calculated or you can easily put the age and the date of birth gets calculated.
Do you have an idea if the “Files” value type has been supported or no?


Ah yes, that seems like a much better solution to use the “Age” type!

This seems to be supported with the “File” data element value type.