Validation Showing Inconsistent Number of Violations

Hi dev team,

I’m trying to figure out an issue where I’m getting an inconsistent number of violations on each validation run. For example, I might get 5 violations when I click “run validation” on a data entry form the first time, but if I click it again, I get only 2 violations, and then the next time I get 3 violations, and so on. It happens with both the “Run validation” button on the data entry form and the /validation/dataset API call.

We recently upgraded from 2.25 to 2.28, and found this issue on 2.28 builds 927ddf9 and fd8e419. I haven’t been able to reproduce it with the existing validation rules on the DHIS2 Play demo site, so my best guess is that it might have something to do with the large number of data elements in our dataset (300+ data elements, or 2000+ individual data points if you include disaggregations) or the number of rules (4000+ in this system, 1000+ that apply to this dataset).

Has anyone else run into this? Is it a DHIS bug or something about this configuration? Any troubleshooting guidance would be extremely helpful!




I think it’s easiest to see from the API call, so I’ll include a set of screenshots below. I get a different number of errors each time I refresh it, even though nothing has changed on the data entry form.




  1. First time, I got one Result:

  2. Refreshed page – Now there are 5 Results:

  3. Refreshed page – 2 results

  4. And so on…

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