Validation Rules with Category Combos

Hello friends.
I’m trying to create validation rules with categoryCombos, that means: I have a dataset with one category combo like attribute (fig. 1).

To access to a datavalue I use the expresion: #{OV25h6ukTwy.HllvX50cXC0.S8xrR1eKTY6} + #{OV25h6ukTwy.HllvX50cXC0.xBzRkWWLoew} (fig. 2).
That is the same dataElement, default Category, different attribute. The two values belong to the same data set, but not are on the same screen.

When running the validation rules nothing happens, I think that the expression return 0 in both sides of the rule.
Is possible to create this type of rules?

I’m working with 2.30 version.

Thank you very much!.

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Hi @Marko_David_Garcia, I hope you are well today. A follow-up on this issue to see if you managed to sort it out…