Validation Popup Alerts

Has anyone managed to have inline validation checks with the data entry form? For instance, having a popup to the value that is out of range for instance. The same way we have the popup for a filed that takes in numbers and you entered text.

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Hi @KMurumba,

Are you asking about this?

That returns this?

Yes @jomutsani. Which version is this?

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I have used DHIS2 Version 2.30 on play demo servers

I am running a 2.29 instance. Let me test if it is available on demo.

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Hi @KMurumba, tested it on Version 2.29 and it works too! you may have to check on the latest build.

Please consider moving to a higher version (2.30 and above) since 2.28 and 2.29 are now deprecated


sure. We will need to migrate our instance.

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