Using web api to register/ insert events. the option dataElementIdSchema=name can't work

I have used web-api to register event in DHIS2- 2.36/37, By identified the DE USING name, but I found the option dataElementIdSchema=name can’t work, I don’t know why


got response:

“description” : “Data Values [ (DE name), ] ignored because not defined in program stage IX46IRxFd1T”,
“importCount” : {
“imported” : 1,
“updated” : 0,
“ignored” : 0,
“deleted” : 0
“conflicts” : [ ],
“reference” : “AXqMovVRPnQ”,
“href” : “
} ],
“total” : 1,

have regster a null event, with no DE values.

the empty events added will cause analysis task failed.

Hey thanks! May I ask you to try to edit the word “Schema” into “Scheme” and see if it works? I think you need to review the spelling: dataElementIdScheme

Thanks. I just spelled incorrect in there. still report warning, but import an null event( without de values).

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