Using fixed period on event Visualizer only return the first period

I have this problem which is based on my metadata since I can’t reproduce it on the play server. on using the event visualizer with relative period, DHIS2 returns all the dates (taking an example of past 12 months). but when choosing fixed period with the same months, its only brings back the first period, and if the return period is removed from the list, the second one will appear.

I checked the URL that is used to get data, and the format is correct, but the json payload that returns only have one period.

has anyone faced this, or know what might be causing it? any feedback will be appreciated.


Hi @yusuphk

Would it be possible to use the Data Visualizer app for your use case instead of the legacy Event Visualizer app?


Hello @Gassim ,

Thanks for the reply. Using the data visualizer works with the period, but it does not give me the option set that is attached to the data element. I am still on 2.37 (with prospects to upgrade later this year). do you have a work around?