Users submitting to same org unit

Hi all,

We have users who submit data to the same org unit through the data entry forms in tracker and event programs and we were wondering if there is a way to view data per user. we need this to track the performance of each user as there may users are not performing well, and we need a mechanism to monitor each one’s activity. In sum, we would like a user monitoring report. How can we achieve this in DHIS 2?


Hello, Fernando shake.

In response to your inquiry, I recommend that you query the database using the SQL view section of the maintenance app.

Here’s an example of a SQL query for per-user enrolment.

Select as name1, as name2,, storedby as user, COUNT(storedby) as total_enrollment

FROM trackedentityattributevalue

INNER JOIN trackedentityinstance ON trackedentityattributevalue.trackedentityinstanceid = trackedentityinstance.trackedentityinstanceid

INNER JOIN organisationunit o ON trackedentityinstance.organisationunitid = o.organisationunitid

LEFT OUTER JOIN organisationunit p on p.organisationunitid = o.parentid

LEFT OUTER JOIN organisationunit q on q.organisationunitid = p.parentid

WHERE trackedentityattributeid IN

(SELECT trackedentityattributeid FROM trackedentityattribute WHERE = ‘Enrollment ID’)

AND trackedentityattributevalue.created BETWEEN ‘2000-03-01’ AND ‘2000-08-15’

GROUP BY storedby,,,

ORDER BY, storedby;

I hope our response is able to solve the issue you were facing.

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