Usergroups lastupdated value

The lastupdated value of usergroup is being modified when the usergroup is assigned to a new user

  • Note the lastupdated and lastupdatedby values of usergroup _DATASET_M and E Officer using the api
  • Assign this usergroup to any user and verify the lastupdated and lastupdatedby value.

Is this value updated being made as a feature.

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Thanks @R_Sri_Laxmi_Ragini! I followed the steps in and after adding a user to a user group I saw that the lastupdatedby and lastupdated as well as the new user was updated properly and as expected. It’s functioning properly from what I see, may I understand more about your perspective?


Hi @Gassim ,

The lastupdated and the new user was updated properly, but the lastupdatedby is not updated.
I have created a new user with username test user and assigned Bo District M&E officers to a user.
The user id is added to the usergroup and the lastupdated value is also modified but the user values are same.
Before modifying with test-user

After modifying with test user

Also the lastupdated of all other usergroups assigned to the user is getting updated.
In the same way if we are adding any category combination all other category combinations lastupdated is getting updated.

Thanks & Regards
R. Sri Laxmi Ragini