User role Issue for 2.30


Recently, we have migrated to 2.30. I am however experiencing issues with my superuser role.

I have selected all authorities under each category, but I have limited access permissions to editing metadata. I am unable to view all user roles as I could 2.29. Assuming I have permssions to all function as a superuser, I am finding this strange. Is there perhaps a setup I am ommitting?

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Please make sure that you read, followed through and ran the upgrade SQL query for DHIS2 2.30, If this is the case then perhaps the metadata objects have not been shared accordingly.
Would you try to check and revise the sharing settings of the meta data objects and edit accordingly.
There is a chance that these were created privately, click the 3 dots and edit the sharing settings.
Of course, this may not be possible with your current super userrole, but perhaps there is another super userrole that was not edited. Otherwise make sure the super userrole you are using has ALL authorities. See images attached for reference
Let me know if this was helpful.