User name conflcit importing Orgunit json file using WebAPI

Hi all,
I am trying to update an instance that has already got orgunit, orgunitgroup and groupset with a json exported on a different dhis2 instance using API. i tried few options of uploading the json file. I am getting errors related to username conflicts. can you please help with this issue?

Hi @raju,

When importing/exporting it’s always important to do that between two instances of the same version, What version of dhis2 are you using? If you are getting errors importing using JSON did you try the CSV version using the Import/Export app? Please see here:

Please what errors are you getting? It will help understand the whole issue. Thanks!

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@Gassim I was trying to import from an old version to new version, hence the conflict. Tried importing with the same version of DHIS2 as of the original file. Did a find and replace for the conflicting user name → Cache clean → allocated orgunit to the new user.

Thanks for quick reply and suggestions.

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Thank you for the update and sharing the solution! :+1::+1: