User Import error

Dear all,

I’m getting a weird error while trying to import a user through API, following is what I’m getting:
{“httpStatus”:“Internal Server Error”,“httpStatusCode”:500,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“null value in entry: class org.hisp.dhis.dataelement.DataElementCategoryOption=null”}

but if I try to do the same on another server, it imports the user successfully ({“importParams”:{“importMode”:“COMMIT”,“identifier”:“UID”,“preheatMode”:“REFERENCE”,“importStrategy”:“CREATE”,“atomicMode”:“ALL”,“mergeMode”:“REPLACE”,“flushMode”:“AUTO”,“skipSharing”:false,“skipValidation”:false,“username”:“admin”},“status”:“OK”,“stats”:{“created”:1,“updated”:0,“deleted”:0,“ignored”:0,“total”:1},“typeReports”:[{“klass”:“org.hisp.dhis.user.User”,“stats”:{“created”:1,“updated”:0,“deleted”:0,“ignored”:0,“total”:1},“objectReports”:[{“klass”:“org.hisp.dhis.user.User”,“index”:0,“uid”:“XEx0L12ujGh”}]}]}) . Can someone tell me what might have gone wrong, I’m using dhis2.29 on both instances that I used to test.


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HI @duserik,

I hope you are well and sorry for the late response to this post; did you manage to fix this?


Hi @jomutsani,

Thanks for asking, still pending, fortunately it was happening on the test server, I had to do it straight to the production instance, which is not a good practice. But It will be good if someone tells me what was wrong.


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I hear you @duserik. tagging my friend @Emma_Kassy to have a look