User authorities: Event data entry, but not editing/deleting

Hi All

I am looking to create a user role for an event without registration (Capture) program. I would like the user to be able to enter data, but not be able to delete or edit the data. In other words, the person would be a data collector, while the program manager would have the authorities to edit/delete data where needed.

I checked the documentation and couldn’t find anything relating to this. Currently, the “sharing settings” under the “Program management” is for “Data: Can capture and view”, but this means that they can also delete/edit data.

I also checked in the User role itself, but could not find anything that would restrict the ability to edit/delete data without preventing them from being able to enter data.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: see @Stian comment below. The authorities mentioned in the pic in this post are for metadata and not actual data.

Hey @Terence_Scott,

I think for this you will need to create a new role for the data collector, and in this new role select only the appropriate authorities:

Please let me know if this help or if further support is required! :smiley:

Hi @Terence_Scott ,

There is currently no way to differenciate between just adding, and just updating\deleting tracker data at the moment. As long as a user can write data (add\create) they can also update and delete.

Feel free to write a jira ticket for your use-case and link it here, and we can look into if/how we might be able to support this in the future.


Good thinking @Gassim , but in this case, these authorities only refer to the metadata in DHIS2, and not the actual data like events, enrollments, tracked entities, attribute and data values, and so on. It’s a bit misleading, I have seen a lot of users mistaking these authorities for data deletion and not just metadata deletion :slight_smile:

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Hi @Stian

Thanks for the update and information. I understand why this functionality does not currently exist, as there would need to be some caveats (i.e. the data enterer would need to be able to edit/delete their own data only in the case that they make a mistake during data entry and it needs to be corrected), but it would be great in future if this was an option.

Thank you for the advice and I have created a JIRA ticket as mentioned for further consideration - although I understand that it may be tricky. The ticket can be found here: 1. DHIS2-11539

Thanks for the clarification and thanks to @Gassim for the advice too!


Thank you for saving @Terence_Scott from trying my advice! :grin::sweat_smile: I’ll add my vote to the feature request created by Terence. Thank you for the clarification and the support @Stian, and it’s my pleasure to support you @Terence_Scott. :+1: