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I’m wondering if there is a DHIS2 app or other way to audit a specific user, other than downloading data set data and looking at who added which data. I want to be able to track individuals on the system to see where they are making changes to or adding new data.



Hi, thanks for the question - also interesed in knowing if there’s a way to do this.


Hi team,

Is there a way for me to see what each user is doing on the system. An audit trail not for data values, for users.

Hi @Tangy

It seems that this question has been asked long time ago as well (see posts from @berhard and @Guerra-Arias_Maria above) so this is why I moved your post here.

I believe that it is possible to audit user activity such as logging time and logging out but probably not detailed audit; furthermore, at this point such auditing is only available by working directly with the server and the database so expert knowledge is required.

See here for more details: Audit - DHIS2 Documentation

Hope this helps! Thanks!

@Gassim Thank you

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