[URGENT] Role authorities for Event capture

Hi Community,

Please note I created a Event Program and gave “See Event Capture” rights to my user, who already has access to all Tracker Capture entry authorities. Now, when he adds a record through Event Capture app, it works fine except that the data is not stored in the database.

It looks strange. The data is captured and stored on the screen (Web App) and listed as well. But when we move from one org unit to another or come back the next day, the entries are gone. I checked the back end for data but no data found.

Please note, as a superuser, if I enter the data it stores in the backend and remains.

Am I missing any rights/authorities?

Your quick assistance is very much appreciated to solve this issue.

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Hi @MSP,

Sorry you are encountering this issue. Are you still having the problem?
Which version is this?

Does the program have any kind of data approval or anything like that? Still, I do agree it should be stored in the backend.

You can compare authorities/permissions to the demo user roles etc, but I think the main thing is to have access to Event Capture and then read/write access to the program itself.

The issue is also that Event Capture is deprecated, so if this is for some reason a bug, unfortunately it will not be fixed. We suggest to upgrade to a supported versions (2.32 or above) but understand this can take some time.

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