Urgent: Options not appearing in dropdown list on a dataset

Hi, everyone

I have created an attribute combo and attached to a dataset but the options do not appear in the dropdown list.

The creation of the attribute combo is as follows:

category options: Maria Mendes, Maria Paula, Carlos Alberto
Category: Paralegal; I assigned the categories opitons to Paralegal
Category combination: Paralegal; I assigned the category paralegal to category combination Paralegal

It’s the same approach as implementing partner in Sierra Leone Demo, but not working in my case.

What may be wrong?


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If you made changes after you created the dataset, you may have to update category options in maintenance (in data administration app). Then clear your cache or open an incognito tab.

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Hi @Natalie_Tibbels

I didn’t make any changes after creating the dataset. I did update category options in maintenance and cleared the cache but I still can not see the dropdown list. I replicated this on the Sierra leone demo but no result.

Thanks in advance

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