URGENT: Not able to enroll a TEI

Hi all,

Please note I have a challenge.

We use tablets to collect Tracker based data. It looks like some of the data were partially synced to the server at the first time and when we try to sync again, nothing happens and the “Orange offline” button remains as it is. On the server side, when we search for the records using “Custom working list” the record does not show up. But if we use the top level “Search” link, the record shows up. When we open the record, we can see the data on the Profile widget but the “Enrollment” details are empty.

Now, if we try to add the enrollment using “Add New” link it shows all the details except the “Enrolling organisation unit” and “Registration date”, which is empty on the right side as shown below:

We could add the registration date on the right side but not the enrollment unit. When tried saving the record it throws the error:


I guess it is the empty “Enrollment org unit” on the right side that throws this error. Kindly assist how to fix this. If know which table to update on the backend, I can do that.

Your early assistance is very much appreciated.

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Dear @MSP

Can you use the same account used on the tablet to register a case on the web and see if you are able to enrol just for troubleshooting incase the roles changed.

Did you make any changes in the metadata or upgrades the server or android app?


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Thanks @prosper for your assistance. I will get the user credentials and try.

On the note of changes, we have not upgraded the server and tracker capture app but I remember making a change on the metadata. But we are able to sync on other tablets as well as on some records on this specific tablet. A bit weird :frowning:

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Hi @prosper,

Please note I tried the same user credentials but getting the same error.

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Is this on the web entry?

This points to issues with user roles, internet connectivity, sharing…

Make sure the user on the web is working fine, its the easiest to trouble shoot


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Thanks, but all those things are fine.

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