URGENT: How to print registration and event details?

(M.Selvaraaj Prabu) #1

Hi all,

Please note our user is supposed to maintain a hard copy of the data for statuary purposes. Therefore wants to print the registration details (profile) for a Client and all services (events in a stage) he has been given.

I am failing to see the print option on the stage and profile level. Kindly assist urgently.


(James Omutsani) #2

Hi @MSP,

Have you tried using the Event Capture App to Print the client details?


(M.Selvaraaj Prabu) #3

Hi @jomutsani,

We use only Tracker not Events. I am failing to understand “using Event Capture App”. Can you explain please.

(Karoline Tufte Lien) #4

Hi @MSP,

You can print a report per client (TEI).

Make sure “Report” is checked in the widget list.

Then you will see a Report in the bottom of the Tracker Dashboard:

which can be printed! :slight_smile:

Let me know if this helps,

(M.Selvaraaj Prabu) #5

Hi @Karoline,

Many thanks for the info. It really works.

But, in our case, the report comes to several pages for a client. I saw 27 pages for one client :open_mouth:. I understand it is due to the number of records we have in a stage and it simply lists every data element/attribute in a single line. FYI, we have about 16000 clients :disappointed_relieved:.

Is there a way to print the Profile and selected stages in a tabular format?