Urgent Help is needed

Hi all, I need Malaria case based configuration package. Can you help me to find it. The package is already in pilot phase in some country but not release yet.


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Hi @Jolinoue
There are some WHO packages that have been created see here.
There are both French and English versions of this, take a look and let us know if this what you are looking for.


Hi ,
The case-based Malaria module is not release yet on the who site.

I think the tracker packages are under going revisions. It was available a while back

Hello @Jolinoue! The malaria case-based package has been undergoing a significant revision to align with updated WHO content requirements we have recently received. I don’t expect we will be able to formally publish a complete package just yet, but can you let us know which country/organisation you are working with? We would be happy to share some of the early versions of the metadata if helpful @Enzo

Hello Jolinette!

As Rebecca said, we are currently working on a revision of this programme, but here is the latest configuration: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XWnTy07DRXxgVHzElZeJkQP9r2K0-BE1

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you for your response @Enzo.Thanks to all for you help.I will be back for order issue.

Thank you @Enzo. Which version can be fit with this.

Hei! it’s been made on 2.31.4

Thank you

Dear Enzo.Can I have your help to installe a local instance of DHIS2.I am a beginner and I face so many problem.We can do it by team viewer.
I will be so grateful!

Thanks in advance