Urgent Help, How to Update the Local server

Dear DHIS2 Community,
I would like to inform you that we have online and offline DHIS2 database, and the Expert have upgrade the online version to 2.33.5 but the Local server is 2.30 and i would like to update the local server with the data of the online version and upgrade the Local server to 2.33.5, SO please if the community can give me the instruction or video tutorials for how to update local server and how to upgrade.
your quick and positive response will be highly appreciated.
thanks in advance

Hi James,

If you want to upgrade the local server with data from online version then i think the best way is to use the same DB from online version to your local instance. Then you don’t have to upgrade your local version and also you will not have to transfer data from one instance to another. The only issue will be if you would like to keep your local settings (metadata, charts, dashboards etc).

If you still want to upgrade your local instance then you can follow the steps below,

  • download war file from dhis2.org

  • drop all view from “data administration” from your local instance.

  • follow the upgrade notes from dhis2.org.

  • change the war file from webapps directory.

  • Restart your tomcat.

  • Keep an eye on the tomcat log, if there is any error then you have to solve that issue to upgrade.

  • Follow all the steps listed above to upgrade from 2.30 to 2.31 to 2.32 to 2.33.5.

Hope this helps.

@Mohammed Ullah Good Morning,
I have got the database form the online version but I don’t know to to replace the new database in the old databases for please if you have video tutorial or PPTX tutorial that indicating those steps, share it with me, and i will be more grateful.
Thanks in advance

Let me just jump in here to say that whatever steps you take you make sure you perform a backup of your database before performing any operation like this.