Urgent: Android Capture app not displaying attributes


We created a program with 20 tracked entity attributes, only 12 attributes are showing up on the android DHIS2 capture app.

Can you please advise,

Hello @Sdn .

What do you mean they are not showing up? While creating the TEI and/or on the list? The later can be defined at program level with the “Display in list” check.

Also, which version of the App are you using?

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Thanks for your prompt reply.
When opening DHIS2 capture app the TEA: father and family name do not appear in the form to enter data, so for other attributes while creating the TEI.
When searching they do appear but other attribute(searchable) do not appear.
The version is 2.7

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It seems it worked.
The issue was creating a registration form down, and sorting attributes above in the assign attributes section.