Upgrade to version 2.24 not altering tables correctly

We’ve just upgraded from 2.23 to 2.24 and the upgrade notes state that :

  • Version 2.24 sets all “uid”, “created” and “lastupdated” columns for metadata tables as not nullable. As a result it is recommended to first run version 2.23 on your database before running version 2.24 to allow new columns to be added and populated prior to marking them has not nullable.

The system starts up fine and deploys the new 2.24 war - no errors during startup routines - but when it is finished I’ve checked dataelement, organisationunit, dataset and none of them have those 3 fields set as not nullable.

The upgrade worked fine on another instance.

Any suggestions? We are having many issues importing metadata from other instances and wonder if that might be part of the cause.


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