Upgrade to 2.32 >> Users unable to enter data >> says category option not accessible


We are trying to upgrade from 2.28 to 2.32.
Many of our country specific users are not able to enter data. It says abc category option not accessible. Even after changing the metadata and data sharing to Public view and edit, they are still not able to enter data.

We at present don’t have sharing settings set for Category options and all options are public. Sharing settings for category are set and used to filter who can see what.

Is there a way to make all category option share settings (metadata and data) to public view and edit.

Hello @Dipali_Sahu, Have you managed with the upgrade? and do you want a way of updating the sharing at the backend or front end?

Yes, the upgrade is complete. but due this new data sharing feature in category option, the existing users are not able to enter data. We are still testing and have not released the new version to field teams.

From front end I can update category option sharing settings one by one, is there any other way from front end.

From back end is there a way to change all share settings (metadata and data) to Public " can view and edit"

Thank you
International Medical Corps

Since its data capture. are the fields greyed out, or perhaps a message is displayed that they don’t have access to the field?