Upgrade dhis2 from 2.25 into 2.26 probelm Tracker

I’ve installed dhis2.25 and configured a Tracker Program with data element, tracked entity attribute. Then I’ve created a Tracker Program, assign it to an organisation unit and finally created a stade and everything is okay but after running the script for upgrading and upgrading into dhis2.26 I can still the program but the tracked entity attribut is not display as in dhis2.25… Are there difference between create a Tracker program in dhis2.26. Could someone help me please?

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Hi @Lanja,

May I ask why you chose to start from DHIS2 version 2.25? This version is no longer supported by the development team. For best team and community support I would advice to start with newest DHIS2 version (2.32), or at least one of supported versions (2.30 and up). :slight_smile:

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Hi @Gintare
I actually run a trainee and my topic is about upgrading dhis form 2.25 until 2.30…



Good to know! In this case, could you tell us what is the difference after the upgrade? Which properties are missing/updated? Would be also helpful if you provided the API responses for comparison that you get when calling /api/trackedEntityAttributes/id.

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