Updating dataelements using metadata import (CSV)

Dear Devs,

I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, but I can not update dataelements using a CSV import through the web interface (Strategy selected is New and Updates). Just copying here a simple example, where we have: name, uid (of a dataelement that currently exists), code (empty), and short name. In this case I just want to change the name,

‘MAL RDT SUP CA2 - [Q3] N. serious sign action2’,‘v2MmQv8LefJ’,‘’,‘MAL RDT SUP CA2 - [Q3] N. serious sign action’

However the answer I’m getting is:

Import count

0 Imported
0 Updated
0 Ignored

No conflicts (or errors in the tomcat console) are being shown

I’m using 2.22

Am I doing something wrong?