Updated War files for DHIS2.31

Dear Community,

I am wondering if the war file for dhis2.31 is being updated. the current one SNAPSHOT still shows build date as Nov30. please advise.



2.31.0 is the launch version of 2.31 (The build on November 30). We would be having patch releases (2.31.1 , 2.31.2… and so on) from now onwards. This is to ensure the build is consistent no matter when you build it (or take a built version.) Perhaps @phil can update on the timelines for future patch releases of 2.31.1 etc.


Hi @amuramira,

As Ameen points out, we want to draw a distinction between formal production releases and the latest builds. Historically when you downloaded the war file for a particular DHIS 2 version, you simply got the latest build. However, that has some major problems in terms of controlling quality; it may contain untested fixes, everyone using e.g. 2.29 may have a slightly different version depending on when they downloaded the war file, etc.

With 2.31 we are introducing production builds/patches for each version. The initial release was 2.31.0. There is no firm timeline for future patches, but we aim to produce the next patch towards the end of January: that will be 2.31.1 and will will perform additional validation and verification to ensure greater stability than we can with the “latest build” approach.

From now on we would encourage admins to use the latest “patch” of the release they are using for their instance, in order to get hold of fixes with the minimum risk.

However, this is open source software, and an open community, so you can also take the very latest build if you want as long as you are aware of the additional risks!

This has been raised a couple of times, so I’ll add some information and links to our Downloads page within the next days.


Thank you @phil this is very clear to me now and i think it is a good approach you have adopted.


Hello @Ameen and @Philip I have upgraded the DHIS from 2.30 to 2.31 in production environment but i have downloaded the war file from below link:-
https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/releases.dhis2.org/2.31/dhis.war , So i want to know is it stable version or not and In future I will face any issue or not at the time of upgradation to the latest versions or i have to download it from official site of DHIS. Here find the attachment of Versions etc.


@nihal.singh To answer your question, it may not be a perfectly stable version, and is classified as the development version. But please note that it may not be possible to go “back” to the release version of “2.31.0”. But you can definitely upgrade to “2.31.1” once it is released (around end of January). So as of now, I think you can remain in your current “development” version and wait for the “2.31.1” to be released for your next upgrade.

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