Update on CoP coordination, and thanks to James!

Dear all,

Please join us in thanking @jomutsani for his knowledgeable and friendly contributions as our DHIS2 CoP coordinator here on the CoP. James has recently moved onto a new role as DHIS2 Officer at PSI and we will miss all his replies and post likes here in the forums! Thank you for being responsive and welcome and helpful in any request or question that came along in the categories.

We are so happy to see the community growing and are working on establishing good routines and systems to make sure people receive timely and helpful responses to their issues. If you have any recommendations or suggestions on how to manage support requests effectively or make the CoP better, do not hesitate to message @staff or post in the Forum Feedback-category.

Again huge thanks to James and all the best wishes for the future! :star:

All the best from the DHIS2 community :heart:


Wishing you the best @jomutsani

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