Upcoming Web & Android App Development Academy, 9-12 May 2022

Do not hesitate to register to the Web and Android Academy to be hosted digitally on 9-12 May 2022!

This 4-day Level 2 Academy that will be covering both Android and Web DHIS2 application development, will be a good opportunity to get an in-depth knowledge on how to build high-quality, maintainable DHIS2 applications using the latest tools.

On the Android side, the facilitators will take developers from the very basics such as an architectural overview and SDK installation to more advanced topics such as DHIS2 Data Model, Data Access Layer, Tracker Data, Error Management and even Analytics with the SDK. On the Web side, the Academy will focus on application development using the App Runtime, covering from the tools of the trade such as the CLI and API to design topics such as the UI Library and the DHIS2 Design System. Registration is available here.

To prepare for your participation in this Level 2 Academy, do not hesitate to watch the recording of the high-level webinar on the Web and Android Application Development ecosystem and tools hosted on 21 April here.